Sunday, 1 September 2013

"CocoA Nut Soap Making Tutorial"

How to make 100% Coconut Soap with Cocoa Butter

Here's a tutorial using 100% Virgin Coconut Oil for those who prefer simple recipe. I know, I know, in all my workshops I always tell my students that using more than 30% of Coconut Oil in soap making will create a soap that is drying to the skin.
But, hang on... in this soap recipe, I actually superfat high to balance the drying effect of coconut oil. I used 25% Super Fat in the recipe, which means discounting its lye for 25%. Then, I added extra superfat at the end where I made use of Organic Unrefined CocoA Butter. This CocoA Butter absolutely remains in the soap unprocessed by lye, leaving our skin moisturized.

BATCH:    1,300g

  1300g Virgin Coconut Oil

  179g Sodium Hydroxide { NaOH }

  455g Purified Water

  5% (65g) Organic CocoA             Butter

 1 tsp VIT E Natural Tocopherol

  2 tsp. Pure White Aussie Kaolin Clay {Fragrance Fixative}


Have Fun Soap Making!

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