Sunday, 22 September 2013

Caress By Nature Australia eBooks & Free 100% Natural Skin, Body & Hair Care Recipes

Caress By Nature Australia recently launches a new eBook, and soon will be launching a physical book of this eBook entitled: 'The Most Comprehensive 100% Natural Soap Making Book'.

To buy this eBook, please check this link: How to buy this eBook?

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This book has the best step by step illustrations, that will walk you through the most easiest procedure/instructions in making your own hand crafted herbal, natural, synthetic safe skin loving soaps, moisturizer/lotion, body butters, toners, cleansers and many more. Not only that, once you bought this amazing eBook, you have the option to subscribe to the mailing list for unlimited FREE recipes! It's golden and you will be thankful for buying this eBook.

This is a sure winner for all those people who's long been looking for a BETTER book on soap making & other skin, body & hair care product making. See details below:

The Most Comprehensive
100% Natural Soap Making Book
A Step By Step Tutorial for Beginners, Enthusiasts, Artisans and Advance Soap Makers.
Detailed use of Herbals, Botanicals, Floral Waters, Vegetables & Fruit Extracts
100% Real Food for the Skin Soap Recipes, Soothing, Nourishing & Rejuvenating

"27 Nutrient Rich, Skin Loving SOAP Recipes" in full Colours!
Each recipes has detailed instructions with photos for easy understanding, each ingredients are given in % amount per batch for maximum ease on product making. Well explained use of every ingredient to define its purpose and benefit for the skin. The only Soap Making Book that able you to understand each process with ease, lets you make your own skin & body care lines, enough to venture into the soap making business & be rewarded!

A very detailed, step by step cold & hot process soap making process for beginners, advance soap makers, crafters, artisans and for people who's looking for a solution to skin problems. Every recipe were studied carefully and each ingredient were tested with considerations on the benefit it will give to its users. You'll notice a youthful glow, instant suppleness of skin upon use of the product that you made.

 *160 pages of walking you through steps like an actual workshop!

Contains Skin & Body Care Product Making to include:
  • -Natural Face & Neck Floral Toner
  • -Making a Hand & Body Moisturizer/Lotion using Herbal Infusions
  • -Skin Whitening & Therapeutic Lotion for Different Skin Conditions
  • -Simple Super Moisturizing Creme
  • -Base Massage Lotion
  • -Multipurpose Body Butter (for Pregnant Women & All Skin Types & Conditions)
  • -Mineral Make Up Making Tutorial (Bronze)
  • -The Use of Natural Preservatives to enhance Shelf Life of your Products

100% Natural, Organic, Creative, Effective, Detailed & Fun!


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