Using ONLY Natural, Fresh & Organic ingredients like 100% Fresh Aloe Vera from my pocket garden, Fresh Farm Goat Milk, Organic Dark Cacao and many more, you will learn the BASIC COLD PROCESS  & different types of ARTISAN SOAP MAKING from Funnel Swirl, 3 colors Spoon Swirl, In The Pot Swirl, Layering & Soap Embeds Techniques on the first part of the soap making class. A basic knowledge of the cold process soap making is advantageous but, NOT a requirement. In other words, a NEWBIE is welcome to join us in this class!


FEE:     $ 195  AUD  per participant
VENUE:  24 Glen Abbey Street, Rouse Hill, NSW 2155
Phone us:  02-8824 4323  or  0413 927 960  look for  LEE
What time:  from 9:30  to  3:30  (5-6 hours)

HOW TO BOOK & REGISTER?  Because we are conducting overseas 'Natural & Organic Soap & Skin Care Product Making Workshop', please email to book & register.

Visit our WEBSITE for new schedules (2015), packages & fees:


              22 October 2014 (Wednesday)               

              29 October 2014 (Wednesday)              

              1 Nov. 2014 (Saturday)      

              5 Nov. 2014 (Wednesday)

              7 Nov. 2014 (Friday)

              12 Nov. 2014 (Wednesday)

              15 Nov. 2014 (Friday)

              29 Nov. 2014 (Saturday)

Completed Workshops:
            21 July (Monday-Completed) 
            28 July (Monday-Completed
            29 July (Tuesday-Completed
            2 August (Saturday-Completed)
            16 August 2014 (Completed)
            21 August 2014 (Thursday-Completed)
            23 August (Saturday-Completed)
            1 October 2014 (Wednesday)
            4 October 2014 (Saturday)
           15 October 2014 (Wednesday)      

What's included?
*Cold Process Soap Making Know How for 30 minutes.
*72 page Cold Process & Hot Process Soap Making Booklet
*Fizzy (Bath Bomb) Bubbly Workshop Booklet
*All materials & ingredients for the class.
*Light lunch, coffee, teas.
*Bring home your hand crafted CP Soaps & Bath Bombs!
*Unlimited consultation, email, call me! I'm always here to help!
*I will demonstrate how to create basic cold process soap, FAUX funnel swirling, embedding and spoon swirling during the class.
*Create your own 100% Natural & Organic 'Artisan Soaps' HANDS-ON!
*I will demonstrate how to make the 'bath bombs'.
*Create your own 'bath bombs' and give that FUN BATH TIME experience for your family & friends, or sell them!
Our normal preparation time before the class begins.

Using Real Dark Chocolate, Fresh Aloe Vera Juice & Fresh Farm Goat Milk
on Cold Process Soap (Artisan Soap Making Class)
by Caress By Nature in Sydney Australia

Goat Milk Soap Making Class in Sydney by Caress By Nature
'Hanger Swirl Technique'
Cold Process Soap Making Class using 100% Fresh Aloe Vera Juice & Fresh Farm Goat Milk
by Caress By Nature in Sydney
Artisan Soap Making Class in Sydney by Caress By Nature
Bath Bomb Making Class in Sydney by Caress By Nature in Sydney

Fresh Goat Milk & Aloe Vera Soap with Argan Oil
Soap Making Class in Sydney
by Caress By Nature

The second part is the 'BATH BOMB' or BATH FIZZ making class. Lots and lots and long lasting FIZZ in the bath! Use your own hand crafted bath bombs and relax while enjoying that long lasting fizz. Let your kids enjoy bath time!
these Bath Bombs smells divine! I used single notes of fragrances & essential oils to create
a lovely accord, you definitely won't stop sniffing!
Bath Bombs Class by Caress By Nature

Artisan Soap Making & Bath Bombs Class in Sydney by Caress By Nature

Bring home your Natural Soaps after the class!

Three Color Artisan Soaps by Caress By Nature, using 100% Fresh Aloe Vera Juice & Fresh Goat Milk.

Texturizing your Cold Process Soap!

Feather Design Top on Cold Process Soap Making by Caress By Nature

See you guys! Let's have fun!

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