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Free Natural Skin Care Recipes Using 100% Natural & Organic Ingredients by Caress By Nature Australia

Hi soaping buddies! It has been a very busy month for me here in oz. Orders kept coming, workshops, recipe formulary preparations, researches and product sampling plus all the emails, requests for a product recipe and product testing. Whew! I thought I could use a break by writing.

I would like to share all these recipes I have worked so far for 22 weeks, and these are sent to all my eBook buyers as an incentive for the purchase.

Week 1: 
1. Fabulous Chocolate Yum Lip Balm for the Holidays 
2. Guava Antibacterial & Germicidal Soap
Week 2: 
1. Youthful Soap Bar
A classic bar for that youthful, vibrant complexion! This rosehip and cocoa butter soap bar is a MUST for ladies! It’s an absolute treat without the hassles of so many day & night face cream, salon facials, and name all that beauty programs we crave to. This is very rich in Vit E, antioxidants, skin nutrients and minerals for skin to stay supple, rejuvenated, detoxified and naturally glowing!

2. Herby Belly Balm
This very simple recipe is full of wonderful moisturizing benefits, protect, and nourish the skin. It’s a great lotion to rub on your belly… or anywhere else. You don’t actually have to be pregnant to enjoy the benefit of this balm, I use this for my daughter, her belly skin is badly stretched from all the nice food she’s eating (lol)!

3.  'Sensitive Me' Facial Serum
Facial serums are thick liquid-like products with active ingredients like vitamins and anti-oxidants that are formulated with smaller molecules so they can penetrate deep into the skin. Serums are designed to penetrate and treat various skin conditions, such as redness, dehydration or lack of firmness, wrinkles, dark spots or to brighten the skin.

Week 3: 
1. Purify Soap Bar

‘Purify’ Soap Bar because this will be addressing skin problems, needing a special cleansing bar that does not strip off the skin’s natural moisture but, gives maximum hydration and moisturizes to its full benefits. This is not to replace any medication, instead, we will use nature’s secrets to help alleviate some skin problems. The use of organic oils & essential oils are far better than using ointments and other synthetic cleansing methods.

Argan oil is utilized to remedy desiccated skin, psoriasis, eczema, acne, sunburns, stretch marks, aging skin, responsive skin and further skin complaints. Genuine 100% argan oil is weak and tender enough to utilize for everyone, including babies. It is an immense daily moisturizer, after taking a shower or bath, and gives a moist young-looking radiance. When making soap out of this oil, make sure to use it sparingly since just a bit of this oil can go a long way.

2. 'Summer Night' Aromatic Perfume Balm
A DIY Perfume Balm for the crafty hands, beautiful collection to gift your friends and families this coming season!  Uncovering a beautiful life in the simple and the unexpected without costing the earth.

Week 4:
1. 'Cologne Fresh' Perfume Balm
2. 'Lemon Zest' Fresh Kitchen Cleaner & Disinfectant
3.  'Mint Vinegar Toner' Soap Bar
4.  'Sweet Seduction' Perfume Balm
My favorite so far among my aromatic perfume balms!
 I wear this every day while working, I just can’t resist sniffing! It’s sweet, citrusy with a fresh alluring powdery scent that floats. It’s a very enticing scent. My sister grabbed mine yesterday, she can’t resist it too!

Week 5:
1. 'Exotic Peas' Perfume Balm

2.  'Rosehip & Mint' Skin Repair Lotion

3.  'Rosie Rosehip Butter' Facial & Body Soap Bar for Rosacea Skin
This ROSIE Rosehip Butter Facial & Body Soap was created in response to my sister’s rosacea skin problem and being one of the most frequently asked questions by my customers: What can you suggest that's gentle for people with sensitive, Rosacea skin? Since up to this time, there are still several theories out there as to what causes acne Rosacea to begin with, it's been a puzzle even for Doctors But one of the theories is that Rosacea is caused by a bacteria that gets under the was the approach we took for the creation of this rosacea care soap.
4.  'Sweet Fruity' Lip Exfoliate

Week 6:
1. 'Love' Room Mist
2. 'Floral Tincture' - Rose Petals
3.  'Natural Botox Soap' Troplical Hibiscus Flower (Gumamela)

Week 7:
1. 'Antibacterial Four Thieves Room Disinfecting Spray'

2. 'Four Thieves Mosquito Off' - Lotion Bar for the Bugs
3.  Organic Oat & Coconut Soap

4.  'Four Thieves Oil' Essential Oil for the Bugs

Week 8: 
1. 'Green Tea ACV Clarifying Shampoo Bar' Apple Cider Vinegar & Organic Green Tea Shampoo Bar

2. 'Sea Salt Spa Bars' Luxuriously Detoxifying
Luxury Salt Spa Bars, this is how I describe this skin cleansing & amazingly detoxifying soap. I always ran out of these bars because most of my customers cannot resist ordering these online, always included before checking out. Sea Salt Spa Bars are basically a smooth stone of sea salt and soap that gently exfoliates as it cleanse. In the shower, surprisingly, they don’t feel “scrubby” like everyone thinks, seeing it physically. 

3.  'Rose Petal Glycerite' Hydro-glycerinated Rose Petal Extraction

Week 9:
1.  Fresh Goat Milk & Papaya Apricot Facial Scrub

2.  Fruity Peel Enzyme Rich Soap with Bearberry Extracts
3.  Skin Glow Whitening Mask

Week 10: 
1.  Anti-Itch Rub
2.  Balimbi & Bengkoang Skin Bleach Soap - Balimbi & Singkamas Skin Whitening & Bleaching Soap
3.  Bug Off Fragrance Diffuser
4.  How to make a home made hydrosol?

Week 11: 
1.  PURIFY SOAP Version 2

2.  Balimbi & Bengkoang Skin Bleach Soap - Balimbi & Singkamas Skin Whitening & Bleaching Soap
3.  Skin Bright Super Fruit Whitening Soap
Women are always skin conscious, and having a fair, lighter skin is always on the top list. There are too many products that contain Kojic Acid & Arbutin which are now common skin whitening/brightening products that are most sought after. Our main focus in this recipe and tutorial is to create an ALL NATURAL & ORGANIC approach to skin peeling for a brighter, even tone complexion. While most of skin whitener products contain glycolic acid, AHA’s, Lactic Acid, Malic Acid, Vit C and many more, we can also achieve great results on our ‘natural super food blends’ with yogurt as our lactic acid and power packed sugar cane juice for the glycolic acid.

Pumpkin and papaya contain high levels of natural alpha hydroxy acids and can be turned into effective, skin-nourishing soaps, facial masks and the list can go on. Below are the benefits we could get from our ingredients.

Week 12: 
1.  Flawless Skin Whitening Cream
When it comes to natural skin whitening, goat milk is always number one! However, to enhance the skin’s cell turnover, an added power of Vitamin C rich ingredients and the natural glycolic content of sugarcane is favoured in this skin whitening/lightening cream. Sugarcane, because of its glycolic content, promotes massive exfoliation and natural brightening of the skin tone. Also, with bearberry extract being the most powerful whitening actives available today for its ability to remove stubborn pigmentation and rosehip oil for its skin powerful brightening & moisturizing.
2.  Skin Glow Whitening Mask (Version 2)

Week 13: 
1.  Botanical Skin Firming Face & Body Collagen Gel 
2.  Chamomile & Aloe Vera Care Soap
3.  Standard CP & HP Soap Making

Week 14: 
1.  Olive Liquid Castile with Glycerin & Cocoa Butter
2.  Coffee Butter Spa-Skin Firming Body Scrub

3.  Soap Making Oils Reading for Soap Making

Week 15: 
1.  Herbal Calamine Soap for the Itch
2.  Oat & Jasmine Spa Facial Grain
3.  Sheer Red Lip Gloss

Week 16: 

1.  Essential Oil for Babies
2.  Herbal Collage Face Serum
3.  'Skin Nu' Night Repair (Anti-aging Creme)

Week 17: 
1.  How to Determine a Soap Batch (VIDEO TUTORIAL)
2.  Premium Goat Milk Olive Oil Soap
3.  Native Healing Balm-Calendula

Week 18: 
1.  Next Level Soap Making (VIDEO TUTORIAL)
2.  What is ORGANIC in Skin Care? (VIDEO TUTORIAL)

Week 19: 
1.  Natural Soap that LASTS (VIDEO TUTORIAL)
2.  Citrusy Lemon Scrub
There are different kinds of scrubby soaps that we can make out of this ‘Natural Soap that Lasts Recipe Formulary’.

Using this formulary will be economical for a great scrubby, foamy experience while in the shower or bath. We don’t want a soap scrub that dissolves fast especially it’s an exfoliating soap!
3.  Natural Soap that Lasts Recipe Formulary

Week 20: 
1.  Natural Colorants with Exfoliant (VIDEO TUTORIAL)
2.  Natural Colorants with Exfoliant in Soap

Week 21: 

1.  Just Fresh & Organic Rose Water Spray (VIDEO TUTORIAL)
2.  Just Fresh & Organic Rose Water Spray
3.  Bright & Clear Skin Bleaching Body Toner
4.  pH in Skin Care

Week 22: 

1.  Aromatherapy Spray for Dogs
2.  Witch Hazel Happy Puppy Hot Spot & Flea Spray
3.  'UPLIFT' Zesty Lemon Bath Soak
4.  'Leave-In Style' Hair Conditioner - Fix that NASTY Hair!

...and that's it! We're only on our week 22 and still going till the completion of the 1 year Free Subscription Recipes that goes with the eBook 'The Most Comprehensive 100% Natural Soap Making' purchase.

Thank you for reading my blog! Till next!

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