Sunday, 3 March 2013

Liquid Soap Making & Glycerin Soap Base Making e-Book

It's been a while since I wrote a blog, been really busy with so many things.

Anyway, this is something special for the soap enthusiasts, those who love soap making as an art, soap makers who's familiar with Cold Process Soap Making but has not started the Hot Process, for those Melt & Pour Soap Makers, for the busy hand crafters and any one who's interested in Soap Making.

This blog is all about Soap Making e-Book. If you're interested in learning Hot Process Soap Making this is the book for you which includes the following:

1.  How to make Liquid Castile Soap (Olive Oil Castile Soap).
2.  How to make Natural Body Foam Wash.
3.  How to make Glycerin Soap Base (Photo illustration in step-by-step format). This is that Soap Base which Melt & Pour Soap Maker's buy per kilogram, add a bit of extracts, carrier oils, colorants, essential oil & fragrance oils to make an own creation out of it.

Find out how you can make your own recipe of Melt & Pour Soap Base.

I created this e-Book to help my former students in Manila, Philippines create and understand Hot Process Soap Making and be able to create their own re-meltable soap base.  But, this is not ONLY for my FILIPINO SOAP MAKING STUDENTS, it's also for any one who's into soap making.

Yes, you have mastered cold process,  it is now time to go further and learn some more!

If you would like to purchase this e-Book, click  button below:

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