Saturday, 31 August 2013

"Business in Handcrafting 100% Natural Liquid & Bar Soaps Part 2"

... A New Business out of Caress By Nature Australia, Soap Making Workshops -
by Attorney Bel Tan!

I have to say, the credit is for my sister in Manila, Philippines, Che Bacani who did the workshop for Atty. Bel Tan. You are awesome sis!

Atty. Bel Tan who's worked with my sister and mom in the Philippines is working for China Bank and that is where she started sharing her passion for 100% Natural Soap Bars and from then on after learning this wonderful craft she's been addicted!

I was very lucky to be given the go signal to copy her photos and creations through her business facebook page.

Atty. Bel Tan working on her Olive Liquid Castile Soap...
Below, are her very own soap creations.
Look how gorgeous they are! She's one creative lady!


I really love this one with Popeye & Olive!

 ...And this is my FAVOURITE! Not only her packaging, but this soap helped me in combatting acnes & liver spots on my face.

"TINY BUBBLES" - Definitely a MUST TRY for every one! Created with love, passion and all the best properties of what our skin need to be healthy, soft & vibrant!

To you Atty. Bel Tan, you are one AMAZING & GORGEOUS woman! How lucky your family are!

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