Wednesday, 25 February 2015

An Organic Soap Making in Perth WA by Caress By Nature

Hey guys, all soap making enthusiasts-Caress By Nature is coming to Perth WA for an Organic-Natural Soap Making Class soon! We invite you to join and have fun, unleash that creativity and make lovely, skin friendly, moisturizing and skin healing organic soaps!
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Soap Making Course for Perth Western Australia
by Caress By Nature
on April 2015!
An Organic Soap Making Workshop in Perth WA
At Caress By Nature, we share to you every thing about soap making, all that you need to be a successful soap maker, all the tips, tricks to create that expensive yet cheap to make Cold Process Soap. We will use organic and natural ingredients, we will not be limited to using just 'water'. Anything is possible in this wonderful craft of soap making!

Let's take advantage of God given resources! From organic herbs/teas that we drink every day, milk, (let's use fresh goat milk for our soaps),  coffee water, paw paw (papaya) juice, tomato juice, banana puree, pumpkin puree, avocado puree, coconut water, name it and we can use it! As long as you can eat it, then we can use these to create wonderful soaps for your family and friends!

Let's use food and cosmetic grade oils, coconut oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, exotic shea butter, cocoa butter, emu oil, moroccan argan oil and many other super nourishing oils!

We will learn the basics up to the more advanced (swirling & embedding) Cold Process Soap Making. You'll be taught on how to use 'natural colorants' (like pumpkin, turmeric, paw paw leaves,, liquid lake soap colorant, using ultramarines/oxides, natural minerals like mica and natural clay for soap making.

All these you will learn in 5-6 hours, during the cold process soap making workshop!

It's from scratch to finish!

You may inquire below:

Mobile:   0434 831 414


Venue will be @  3 Godstone Street, Morley, 6062, Perth, WA

Soap Making Fee:  $250 per person (inclusive of all materials and ingredients for the course)

WHEN?   TBA (To be announced)

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Below is our previously held series of Soap Making Workshop in the Philippines!

Natural & Handcrafted Soap Making Workshop Philippines

Silicon Soap Mould Making in Philippines by Caress By Nature Australia

Skin Whitening Soap Making Workshop in
San Gabriel Sta. Maria Bulacan Philippines

Caress By Nature just had a successful series of workshops held in San Gabriel, Sta. Maria, Bulacan, Philippines and Sampaloc, Manila last January & February 2015! We had such fun and lots of creativity from the participants--from a basic Skin Whitening recipe to the most comprehensive formulations, still we managed to come up with a 'swirly soap' :-).
Paw Paw leaves in this lovely Papaya Whitening Soap
with cute  bear emboss just for fun!

Texturized 'Porcelana' Whitening Soap with
gold mica top by Kath & Anna J.

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