Friday, 30 August 2013

"Hand Crafted Soap Making Workshops held in Manila Philippines"

Some soap samples which participants of Caress By Nature Soap Making Workshop held in
Manila, Philippines have created.

For two (2) months, which started 8th of June 2013 until 8th of August,  we had series of Soap Making Workshops. It was successful as most of my participants being crafty as they are, we're able to establish a business all related to natural and organic skin and hair care cosmetics. The workshop we did included the following where participants did hands on:

1.  Cold Process Bar Soap Making
          Creating a soap recipe using soapcalc ( lye calculator
2.  Hot Process Bar Soap Making
3.  All Natural Liquid Soap Making (using 65% to 80% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, what we all know as Castile Soap)
          a.  Creating a liquid recipe using Summer Bee Meadows Lye Calculator
          b.  Actual liquid Soap Making/cooking on crock pot
          c.  Clarity Testing of the cooked soap paste
          d.  Liquid Soap Paste Dillution
          e.  Adding Natural Preservatives
          g.  Fragrancing {2 (two) methods}
          h.  Thickening
           I.  Tinting or Coloring
4.  Basic Artisan Soaps, Working with Soap Colourants, Layering and Swirling

We also tackled about soap packaging, soap stamping and many other things.

Each one had the chance to make their own natural hand crafted soaps, it was a very tiring 1st Workshop day but, you can see people smiling despite all.

Mommy Maylyn & Faye...

They are proud owners of a beauty spa in the Philippines. They're sisters too!

Attorney Bel Tan  &  Kim showing their soap.
Marivic  &  Tita Cristine, two proud moms!
Look at the participants, how happy they are for all their hand crafted cold processed soaps!

There's me in the middle, my sister Che and my assistant, also my cousin Erlinda.

The 1st day of the workshop was successful-above are the participant's
hand crafted soaps ready for unmoulding & cutting after 24 hours!
Part of the 2nd day workshop was 'How to Make an All Natural Face & Body Cream?'

Testing their chemistry, participants starting
thickening, fragrancing & tinting of liquid castile soap.

 Improvised Soap Stamping...

Maylyn cutting her soap creation...

The soap stamping tips and techniques...

Each participant were given these above, to take home after the 2 days soap,
skin & hair care product making workshop!
Caress By Nature Australia will always be willing & happy  to share knowledge, techniques, tips regarding skin and hair care natural product making for people. It is our dedication to help people, especially the soap making enthusiasts to achieve their goals, enhance skills and be passionate about the soap making craft.

This  series of workshops has helped build business, house wives had the chance to enjoy this wonderful craft, has helped each one invent their own products and discover the passion hidden for years. 
We at Caress By Nature Australia are proud of you guys! Keep working on your dreams, we are here to support you!


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Congratulations to all my participants! Thank you for all your trusts!

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