Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Caress By Nature Australia is now THE ORGANIC ARTISAN LAB

Hey guys! 

To all Caress By Nature Australia followers, natural and organic skin care enthusiasts, mineral make up and cosmetics lovers, to all my students from different countries (Australia, Philippines, Canada, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia & USA), let me introduce you to our new business name:

est  2005

ABN:  94731356834

The Organic Artisan Lab

Yay! We're so exited to give you the news! The Organic Artisan Lab houses two more extra hands - my partners Edna B. (a truly gifted soap maker!) she swirls and works magic in the art of natural soap making, so, watch out artisan soap makers! And my all time favourite sistuh - Rowena 'Winnie' for short, she's a real fan of all naturals and 100% organics, free range and all others. Winnie is an upcoming Naturopath, she makes lovely green salads, she cooks beautiful, healthy organic foods, you'll never get tired of eating vegetables because she makes it so interesting and delicious you'll crave for more of her cooking!

And yours truly, Lee Strachan, your Organic Skin Care Formulator, Cosmetic Scientist, Artisan Soap Maker and Organic Skin, Hair, Body, Cosmetics and Toiletries Consultant.

The Organic Artisan Lab is here to serve all you Organic Skin Care and Cosmetics Consultant.

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