Sunday, 20 March 2016

An All Natural made with Organics SOAP MAKING WORKSHOP in Perth Western Australia 2016

Yes! Finally, we have set up a date for an Organic and Natural Soap Making Class (1 day workshop type) for Perth , Western Australia! :-)

So, for all those who've been waiting, those who called me to inquire about, here's your chance to join this awesome craft: The ART & SCIENCE of Naturally Handcrafted Soaps, gentle for the skin, earth friendly, not harmful to the skin and the environment, made from certified organics, uses real fruit, veggies, goat milk, oat milk, ALL REAL FOOD for the skin ingredients. NO chemicals, synthetics, parabens, pthalates. Completely natural and cosmetic,food grade ingredients that only cares for the skin.

We will use Plant Oils (organic and pure), butters, essential oils that has the ability to penetrate the lipid layers that surrounds the corneocytes (the epidermal layer), which is the key to effectively help our skin cells to work for a more youthful skin.

Plant oils in Soap Making, for Skin Moisturization, lather enhancing, soap hardness. 
No need to add artificial hardener and lather enhancer!

 Essential Oils in Soap Making, for Aromatherapy benefits.

Real Food for the Skin Ingredients in Soap Making.

What you will learn includes below:

*What is organic in soap making?
*How to create your own SOAP RECIPE and Formulation using a Soap Lye Calculator.
*Understanding the uses of Plant Oils for the skin and benefits in soap making.
*The use of Real Food for the skin ingredients to replace plain water in soap making.
*The use of Real Food Juices and Extracts from Organic Plants/Flowers/Herbs.
*Soap Making Methods Brief Discussion (Cold Process,Hot Process,Transparent & Melt & Pour Soap Base,Hand Milling Method)
*The SAFETY USE and HANDLING Lye/caustic soda/NaoH/Sodium Hydroxide.
*The use of Plant Oils, Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils

You will receive:
*A complete Workshop Booklet Containing lots of Skin Loving Soap Recipes (Goat Milk Soap, Oat Milk Soap, Charcoal Soap, Essential Oil Soaps, Castile Soap with Aloe Vera and Fruit Soaps).
+ Lists of Australian Suppliers for Soap Making & Skin Care
+ Lists of Packaging Suppliers
*Unlimited consultation with me Lee Strachan (Advance Cosmetic and Organic Skin Care Formulator), at your service.
*Bring home the soaps you made during the workshop.

Do not worry, we use easy to find ingredients in soap making (most can be bought from your favorite shops and Bunning's Warehouse).

When:  24th April 2016 (Sunday)

Venue: 3 Godstone Street, Morley, 6062, Perth WA

Inquire at mobile: 0402 808 652 

Fee: $225 (AUD)

Book & Confirm Slot Now: We require  $75.00  Bank Deposit (Commonwealth Bank Deposit) 

Check our website for more updates: Caress By Nature Pty Ltd

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