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An Organic Natural Soap Making Class Held in Manila Philippines 2014

Our special thanks to all the participants of my previously held special 'Soap Making Workshop Plus, Spa Health & Wellness Product Making & Natural Liquid Soap Making (not the detergent SLSL/SLES, surfactant based)'! It was a stormy week but, knowing all of you who's got the passion and the heart to help mother nature and awareness for people friendly natural products for total skin nourishment, it was awesome and I love you all!

Our first day, 19th of September was a big storm, yet some people had managed to come.

DAY 1 - Liquid Soap Making: 19th September 2014 & 22 September 2014

Brewing our teas for the herbal conditioner... a bit of lecture,

-Lectures on thickening liquid soaps, colourants, fragrance adding,

-Cooking time!

'The cook', waiting...

...and ofcourse a shampoo base plus natural herbal conditioner for  a well nourished hair & scalp!

...Congratulations to all of you who earned this humble certificate of attendance from Caress By Nature Australia!

DAY 2 - Herbal Soap Making Plus (20th September 2014)

Wow! We're so packed on this day, yet we managed to squeeze our selves and enjoyed the fun of natural & organic herbal soap making. Participants made their own creations, some were nervous but, what's important   is they get to experience the craft and the techniques into mastering their soap making. The use of natural colourants and cosmetic based colourants were taught. A more natural way to harden soap without using just palm oil & coconut, even an olive oil soap will harden in just a few days and lasts in the shower like a store bought soap!

We started with the basic to the comprehensive soap making know how...

A short demo & tips on using their fave papaya puree, goat milk, carabao milk, seaweeds and so on...

Here I was given a challenge to copy an artisan soap, wow! these guys gave me a hard time (lol!). No, it was fun
and I love challenges! They said I made the soap more prettier than that of the one they showed me (thank you guys!).

...and every one started their soap making,

Look at what they made... stunning beauty! Soaps made with passion...

Atty. Bel Tan with her 'Faux Funnel Swirled' Soap...

Amazed at their own creations, Anna, Eileen, Atty Bel, Kath, adored by all those soaps.

...and here's the 'CHALLENGE'! My first time to create a soap like this too...

After 24 hours, a glimpse on their Soap Cupcakes...

Finishing our day with a 'DECORATIVE Fragrance Stone' using essential  and fragrance oils...

Oat Goat & Honey Soap by Caress By Nature

...Using the Soap Lye Claculator,

Our Moringa & Mushroom Natural Whitening Soap with Vit C

The MANUALS for Day 2

What a tiring yet fulfilling day for all of us! Thank you all for your patience with me! I'll see you again on January 2015...

DAY 3-Spa Health & Wellness Product Making Course (22nd September 2014)

...and the participants for day 3 were greeted by this aromatic 'Fragrant Water' or Hydrosol... lots of 'Awes' & 'ahhhs'!

Making their customized Face & Body Mask.

Ooooppppsss, my daughter smiling at the back while Beth showed her  herbal face mask...

Smiley faces while mixing their sugar & salt body polish with Moringa & Mushroom Powders!

...and to break the day, we had our healthy lunch!

Mushroom patties, mushroom soup bolognese....yum!

...and my Aunt's lovely Guyabano Juice!

the rest of the day were busy...made their Rose Clay mask,

Pouring Herbal Hydrosol...

finishing touches on their Spa Candles...

And we posed to end our day! You guys are lovely! Thank you all for your trusts & confidence  in me! God bless you!

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