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It was July 2012 when I went back to Australia, ofcourse it was in the mid of winter season and mind you, coming from a tropical country like the Philippines, it was soooo cold. Our settling was great except after a month I had eczema break out, it was very itchy at first.I can't stop scratching as it felt so nice to ease the itchiness. Then, a few days more, I noticed small red blotches on my leg and I could not stop scratching. It was a pitty I was not able to document it's first appearance. It was only when it has aggravated that I decided to take photos. But, prior to taking photos my husband gave me a cream that's supposed to take care of eczema, it's called like a Vit A Cream, (won't mention it's name coz the photo I posted last time was somehow deleted, so I assume it is not allowed since it is a known brand here in OZ).

My eczema aggravated after using the VIT A cream, my husband gave me to use.
It did good for a week and then worst after. It has become more
 itchy and red.
It was getting bigger every day.

Then, after a couple of days I think the eczema was getting better until after a week... my gosh! It was only one small blotch, and then it became bigger and multiplied. My skin started getting thicker and red and I coud not stop itching. My scratching made it worse and the cream gave only temporary relief but made it even worse. So, I started researching and found myself formulating a creme recipe. I have been using goats milk for all my soaps when I was in the Philippines and I know it's many skin benefits. I went back to my files and found "Oil Properties for Skin & Soap Making", I used this to create my creme and after an hour and a half of mixing my recipe... VOILA!!! I have my moisturizer that helps me with this ugly red patches on my skin. It was really awful and I do not want this to ever happen to me again. I used this creme on month of September 2012 until November of the same year, and a week prior to my visit to the Manila (14th Nov. 2012), I had only red marks on my leg. The eczema disappeared.

Then I started to use this Goats Milk Creme that I made out of desperation.

I used this Goats Milk Creme from September 2012 to November 2012 until the red patches disappeared.
The result was not abrupt but slowly dried the eczema and flattened the bumps.
It dried after a couple of weeks and then the skin started to flake off. Still very itchy though.
Until finally, just a few days before my flight to Manila, my eczema just disappeared!

I was relieved of my grief and horror! The red marks are gone, only a little brownish mark

was left due to my previous scratching.

Each skin is unique and I do not claim to have a relief for your eczema, but the moisturizing qualities and the richness of this Goats Milk Hand and Body Creme by Caress by Nature will help those that needs rich hydration due to very dry skin, flakiness and itchiness. Here are the ingredients for this moisturizer:
Purified Water, Fresh Farm Goats Milk, Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis) Leaf Juice, Papaya Extract, Emulsifier (plant derived), Cocos Nucifera (Virgin Coconut Oil), Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil (100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil), Palm Stearic (plant derived), Vit E-Alpha Tocopherol (Natural), 100% Essential Oil Blend, Natural Preservative.

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