Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Organic & Natural Soap Making Tutorial Workshop Bulacan Philippines 2015

This post has been long overdue! :-) Yup! Nevertheless, better late than never!

Last January 2015 was a real hit. We had overwhelming responses on the 'Organic Soap Making and Natural skin Care' tutorial workshops I conducted in the Philippines together with my ever faithful staff in the Philippines.  As far as I know, organic soap making and organic skin care are not well taught in the Philippines, the reason why I wanted to share my passion to all natural skin care enthusiasts, to share my craft on this wonderful world of Natural, Skin friendly and Healthy Skin Care.

Allow me to showcase some photos of this successful event that was held in our Kukoco Nail Bar located at 7 JP Rizal Street, San Gabriel (Looban), Sta. Maria, Bulacan, Philippines.

Some intimate organic soap making & skin care workshop held in San Gabriel Bulacan.
An intimate Organic Soap Making & Botanical Extracts with Atty. Bel Tan of Tiny Bubbles, Manila Philippines.
A Mineral Make Up Tutorial Class with my daughter and niece held in Sampaloc Manila.
It was a busy day by day workshops from Organic Soap Making to Botanical Herb Extract Making to Soap Silicon Mould Making to Organics & Minerals in Make-Up. 

Organic Whitening Soap Making Workshop in San Gabriel Bulacan Philippines.

How to make a soap silicon mould and botanical extracts making in the Philippines.

How to make your own Mineral Make Up Workshop Philippines by Caress By Nature (Australia).
Photos during the workshop:

Organic Soaps made by Kath S. & Anna J. 'Porcelana Soap' with organic papaya leaves & extracts,
Vit C, Vit E, Vit A and Vit B3.

Here we used different types of botanical extracts they made the day prior to this organic soap making class. Burdock root, hibiscus (gumamela), corn flower, liquorice root, bearberry, calendula, lavender, chamomile, wheatgrass, orange peel, seaweed (kelp), rose petals, aloe vera and many many more organic herbs you can only find from 100% organic producers like what we have here in Australia.

Photos from Day 2: Silicon Soap Mold Making and Botanical Extracts with Whitening Tutorial Workshop Philippines,

Demoulding their 500g batch Silicon Soap Mould after 24 hours.

Lecture time on Botanical Extracts making.

Day 3 Photos: Organics in Mineral Make Up
Partcipants made these beautiful mineral lipsticks.

Blending their mineral creme foundation.

...and chemistry begins! :-)

Time to try our mineral make ups!

Mineral blushes....

Perfect Mineral foundation shades...

Baggie baggie mixing blending eye shadows!

...create, make your own perfect and healthy mineral lip stick by Caress By Nature (Australia)!

Berry Wine Red

Pink Mauve


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