Thursday, 26 June 2014

A TRUE Liquid Soap Making Class in Sydney

Liquid Soap Making Course by Caress By Nature-Sydney

Have you ever wondered how to make a liquid soap? You probably have watched Olive Castile Liquid Soap Making on 'Youtube', there's heaps of them! But, there's nothing more easier to learn how but, to experience making them hands-on! We at Caress By Nature here in Australia and in the Philippines can teach you in the easiest possible way, to achieve the perfect liquid soap you're aspiring for. It's not really that hard, even a beginner can do it! So, join us in our Liquid Soap Making Class, inquire or pay for the workshop below:

LIQUID SOAP Making 101 CLASS (100% Hands on!)

Click this link below to PAY instantly, then we will contact you to book the date, DON'T WORRY, even if your the only one to attend the class, we still conduct it ONE-ON-ONE on our agreed convenient date:


Course Fee:  $185.00
When: By APPOINTMENT, please call to book.
Time: 9:30am to 3:00pm
Call:  02-8824 4323  or  Mobile:  0413 927 960

* Workshop Booklet with Free Step by Step Various Liquid Soap Tutorial Soap Recipes.
* Ingredients for the liquid soap making class.
* We will demonstrate how to make an Olive Oil Liquid Soap and you will do the Hands-On.
* You will make an Olive Castile with Argan Oil Liquid Soap plus Vit E {Let's use a Foamer!} OR Choose which recipe for a viscous liquid soap!
* 30-45 minutes Know How, Tips & Techniques, all about carrier oils in soap making, essential oils, lye, liquids, herbs, butters, colourants, additives, extracts. All about Liquid Soap Making 101!
* Bring home your hand crafted liquid soap!
* Learn how to use your Liquid Soap as a Shampoo Base!
* Coffee, Tea, light snack!

Liquid Soap Making How To-Tips & Techniques!

Liquid Soap Making Tutorial Class on the go, by Caress By Nature!
Experience making your own Castile Liquid Soap, completely natural & organic! Learn to use various liquids to create the best liquid soap ever for your families, friends, colleagues & clients!

Liquid Soap Dilution

Liquid Soap Paste Cooking!

Liquid Soap Stages!

100% Green Liquid Soap Dish Wash

Learn Clear & Thick Liquid Soap Making!

Join the fun of Liquid Soap Making 101 Class!
by Caress By Nature

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