Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Fresh Goat Milk & Apricot Seeds Face Scrub Recipe & Tutorial- Just Like St Yves!

Fresh Goat Milk & Apricot Seed Face Scrub Maybe beauty is just skin deep, but that does not mean we can neglect the health of our skin. Here is a natural wonder that can make your face gleam like never before. Filled with organic components such as Goats Milk, Aloe Vera Extracts & the rich antioxidant properties of Jojoba, & Shea Butter, this face scrub will boost cell rejuvenation and helps promote the growth of new cells, thus making way for glowing skin. Along with its useful anti-aging properties, this scrub can also cleanse your skin by purging out contaminations from pores and keeps your skin clean and clear. The anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties of this scrub helps prevent the formation of acne, spots and blemishes.

How To Make Fresh Goat Milk & Apricot Scrub?

1,000g batch.


Part A (Water Base @ 68%)
50% ~ 500g Distilled Water
5% ~ 50g Aloe Vera Extract
8% ~ 80g Fresh Farm Goat Milk

*5% 50g (Diluted) Olive Liquid Castile Soap

Part B (OIL Base @ 20%)
10% ~ 150g 100% Pure Coconut Oil
2% ~ 20g Jojoba Oil
2% ~ 20g Shea Butter
1% ~ 10g VIT E Oil

Part C (Emulsifier @ 6% & Binder @ 2%)
6% ~ 60g Emulsifying Wax
2% 20g Stearic Acid (Palm Stearic or Migowax TP)

Part D (Additives & Preservatives)
1% ~ 10g Your Choice of Preservatives (See Below)
0.5% ~ 2.5g Potassium Sorbate
8 tbsp Apricot Seed (add LAST, after fragrance blend)
15g 1% to 1.5% (of your batch) Vanilla Oleoresin or Fragrance Oil

Important: Use bigger container for the Oils!

Step 1. LIQUID CONTAINER : Using one Container, weigh & warm on a double boiler:
             550g Distilled Water
             50g Aloe Vera Extract

Step 2. Add in Goat Milk when STEP 1 is already warmed. Stir & let heat.
            80g Goats Milk

Step 3. OIL CONTAINER: On a separate container, weigh & heat the following on a double boiler:
            150g 100% Pure Coconut Oil
            20g Jojoba Oil
            20g Shea Butter
            20g Stearic Acid (Palm Stearic)
            60g Emulsifying Wax

Step 4. Once All the Oils are melted, Add in VIT E to the OIL CONTAINER.
            10g VIT E Oil

Step 5. Remove LIQUID CONTAINER from double boiler and add in your preservatives: Mix fully.
            10g Acnibio (or desired Preservatives) See LISTS below.
            3g Potassium Sorbate

Step 6. Remove OIL CONTAINER from double boiler & start mixing the LIQUIDS to the OILS CONTAINER, STICK BLENDING WHILE POURING. Continue mixing, alternating the stick blender & manual stirring.

Step 7. Add in next & stir fully:
            50g Diluted Olive Liquid Castile Soap

Step 8. Add in Fragrance.

Step 9. Add in the apricot seed:
            8 tbsp Apricot Seed

Step 10. Let the temperature of the mixture cool down, if necessary place your mixing container on a basin of water. This will help to cool down the cream. Continue mixing/stick blending until it thickens.

Step 11. Spoon on jars & label as desired.

This facial scrub should last a year when stored properly & stored below 25 deg. C temperature.

This tutorial assumes that you have a knowledge on how to make a facial cream. If you are a newbie, please give time to check my video below on a step by step instructions for making an all natural face, neck & eye crème.


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