Sunday, 26 May 2013

Previous Markets & Fairs

It's been a while since I wrote in our blog... We've been pretty busy with making our soaps and mostly were wholesale orders and sending them to the Philppines.

So, I just would like to share to you our two (2) previous Fair & Market we attended.
The one at Richmond, we're very lucky to have been invited in this fair. It was awesome! And the market people are sooooo friendly. The organizers were very kind, TWO THUMBS UP for KAREN & ERIC! God bless you guys! It was an awesome day for every body, great fun, lovely food and amazing entertainment!

Here's some photos from EARTHCARE FAIR, Hawkesbury Campus, Richmond, this was last 4th of this mothn (4 May 2013). Please check their website, they are open to any earth care workshops & events:

Here's me!

Winnie posing...

At the end of the day, every one seems happy! Looking forward to another Earthcare Fair next year!!!
Another event we attended was KIRRIBILLI General Market, to express your intention to join kindly visit:

It was really cold and windy out there. I can say the market was just alright, but be prepared for customers looking for really good buy, bargains and cheap yet good products. Most in this area are selling second hand/used clothings but, there are good ones too (brand new). The food was EXCELLENT I must say! People come to the market usually after noon time. I wasn't able to take photos of the busy time because I was busy too (lol)!
One busy and exhausting day we hayd at Kirribilli! It was worth it though!
Many thanks to ALL who purchased our products, we had lots an hour before closing.
Thanks for reading this blog! Have a fine & blessed day!

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